Unscented Lotion Bar


Handmade lotion bars.

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This is the long-lasting lotion bar you've been waiting for, my friend! Did you hear that? Huh, I could have sworn I just heard someone say "REVOLUTIONARY". Anyway...

*Made (by a real human lady) with white beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.
*No artificial dyes or fragrances added.
*Stays solid, even in warm temperatures.
*Perfect for those who enjoy feeling soft, smooth, and thoroughly hydrated. Try it after a shower!
*Great for travel. That's right, TSA: you've got nothing on us!
*Comes in a metal tin with a see-through top (so you can see the bar's intricate design).

Remember: YOU LOOK FIERCE. It's time you feel that way, too.